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We do translations from Finnish to English and from English to Finnish in-house, while our reliable, professional freelancers translate from Finnish to Swedish as well as from Swedish to Finnish and English. We take pride in always delivering fluent and accurate translations whose style and register meet the demands set by the target audience and purpose of your text.

We translate general texts of most fields and also more technical documents. We have experience in translating texts related to e.g. customer communications, companies’ internal communications, marketing, history, culture, dentistry, and information technology.

We are aware that no one knows everything, not even us. That is why we always do the necessary background research to ensure that field-specific terms are correct and the style is appropriate in our translations. And we know that we are pretty good at this!

“Skilled, meticulous, and engaged with the client’s needs. It is easy to trust even demanding translation assignments, which the texts of The National Museum’s exhibitions and publications often are, to Ville and Katja of Kielikuvitus. The quality of work is assured, and cooperation is smooth.”

Sari HäkkinenCommunications Coordinator, The National Museum of Finland

“Working with Kielikuvitus Communications Agency was straightforward and pleasant. They were quick to grasp the kind of tone that was desired and able to produce texts that fit the image of our client. The quality of work was accurate and meticulous. Recommended!”

Anna-Kaari HakkarainenFounding Partner, Gut Studio

“We needed quick assistance with translating our publication Heritage is Ours, dealing with participation in cultural heritage. I was glad that, through good recommendations, we found Kielikuvitus for this demanding task. The quality and price were right and the service effortless and personal.”

Anna-Maija HalmeCommunications Manager, Finnish Local Heritage Federation; Secretary, Europa Nostra Finland

“We ordered translations of texts for the redevelopment of The National Museum’s permanent exhibition. The vocabulary and terminology of the history field are often demanding and require the translator to do constant background research. The translators at Kielikuvitus did not spare their time to be able to provide the best result, yet were at the same time able to work fast and in a flexible fashion, in a situation where the printers were already waiting for the exhibition texts.”

Hanna ForssellHead of Public Programmes, The National Museum of Finland

“Kielikuvitus did thorough work and provided us with a very good translation on tight schedule.”

Laura KurkiPublishing Editor, Karisto Oy